Does iPage Offer Website Templates?

When designing a website, having a premade template or theme will come in handy. This is because you no longer have to manually create a design for your site because background images and other necessary elements are already at your disposal. Simply choose the template or theme that you want for your website and voila, you have a fully functional website up and running – no need for complex codes.

Tempting, right? Why not turn to iPage? They can surely help you out with all web hosting and site building needs!

iPage: Quality Web Hosting Services At An Affordable Price

ipage-logoiPage is one of the best, most reliable web hosting providers you can find online. They have been in business for over a decade, with a solid reputation in providing high-quality web hosting services. Today, they are hosting more than a million websites, with more being added daily.

iPage is always on the top 10 list of many web hosting review sites. In fact, iPage even ranks first in many of these sites. With lots of satisfied client, it comes as no surprise that iPage receives a lot of positive feedback and reviews.

Website Builders

toolsYou don’t have to touch a single line of code in order to use any of the website builders available on iPage. There are no complex programming because all you need to do is to click, drag, and drop the things that you want to add in your website’s design.


All you need to remember when designing your website are the following:

  • Make sure your website looks professional
  • Choose a template/theme that matches your business/brand
  • Use appropriate content

Design Options for Your Website

With iPage, you can choose from various website building tools to help you get started with your online business and promote your website as soon as possible.

icon_cursor Drag and drop tool This software lets you create your website and edit it simply by dragging and dropping around the elements. You have the option to choose from many different beautifully crafted templates/theme.

icon_documents WordPress  With iPage, you can choose from hundreds of thousands of WordPress plugins to customize your website. The sky is the limit!

icon_upload If you are using a design software, you can upload the pages you created by using an FTP tool (via your iPage Control Panel).


Weebly Drag-and-Drop Website Builder

cursoriPage offers its client the Weebly drag-and-drop site builder. This is compatible with iPage and is offered in various web hosting plans for the convenience of beginner and professional web developers and website owners alike.


At the time of writing, the Weebly Site Builder is on sale at iPage. From the regular price of $8.99/month, you can now get it for only $2.75/month! So hurry and sign up with iPage today!

How are Weebly templates accessed?

weeblyWeebly templates can be accessed simply by logging in to your iPage account. All you need to do is to go to the Control Panel and click on the Weebly Drag and Drop Builder icon.

Weebly DragnDrop


There’s no need to download the templates because they’re already in iPage, so you’ll have everything you need with just a few simple clicks. However, you need to remember that Weebly always has to run with an Internet connection.

Weebly: Key Features

Weebly is proud to present their user-friendly application, which is probably one of the best you’ll find in the market.

icon_like_alt Ease of useYou only have to click on any of the ready-made templates that you want to use. Drag and drop, and you’re all set!

icon_images Use of image galleries and slideshows. With Weebly, you can place any number of images, as well as galleries and slideshows anywhere you want.

icon_box-checked Support for videos and audio. Weebly supports video and audio files so you no longer have to use media players.

icon_menu-square_alt2 Ready-made forms are available in the builder for gathering pertinent information from surveys.

Weebly: Pros

  • Professional-looking web designs.
  • Easy to use, even for beginners.
  • Website can be edited without the use of FTP.
  • Changes made in your website are all done in real time.
  • Create a fully functional website in just minutes.
  • Be guided with professional websites that you can get ideas from.
  • Changes done on your website will not affect visitor experience.

Weebly: Cons

  • As a web-based application, changes can be done only with Internet connection.
  • Weebly can only be used when you have logged into your account.


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