What knowledge and skills do I need to become a reseller?

Reseller web hosting means you are purchasing web hosting from a particular company and then selling that web hosting plan to your customers. Here’s the catch, if you’re engaged in reseller web hosting you do not need to:

  •  Invest in hardware because you are only buying it from a web hosting company
  •  Invest in server maintenance because you are not the owner of the server
  •  Invest in manpower resource
  •  Invest in operational expenses such as service support, developments, etc.
  •  Have technical skills

What you just to do is to create your own store and set your prices up. No need to worry about the concerns of your clients because they will be handled professionally by the experienced staff of the web hosting company that you’re reselling.

What you can offer to your customers?

 If you’re running a reseller web hosting company you can offer the following:

  •  Shared hosting
  •  Website Builder
  •  Registration of Domain name
  •  VPS Hosting
  •  And many more

What’s more interesting is that the reseller hosting you’re running is branded with your own name so that your clients will not notice that you are actually a reseller. Also, you can use the program of the web hosting company you are reselling for free. By using their free programs you are getting attention from customers. As easy as it is you can be your own web hosting service provider. Start making money month by month without having to worry about technical aspect of the business. Reseller website hosting is an opportunity for you to become recognized as reliable web hosting company. This is a good business because the income you’re getting is steady and you just have to wait for it every month. That’s the beauty of reselling web hosting services.

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