InMotion Review

InMotion is one of the most popular web hosts in the world.

InMotion may seem like a typical hosting service provider, offering almost the same features as virtually every major hosting company out there.

However, when you look at their plans, you will instantly see what distances them from others: variety.

Unlike most of the providers who only have a single plan, InMotion Hosting offers four different kinds of hosting, each with their own advantages:

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Personal Or Cheap Hosting

inmotion review

This plan is said to be best suited for start-up websites.

If you are simply testing the virtual waters and have very little money to spare, this may be the best plan for your website.

For only $5.99 a month, you get to create a maximum of two websites using a single account, 6 addon and 25 parked domains, unlimited transfer, data backup, and disk space. You will also get $75 credit that you can use for google adwords.

Business Hosting

inmotion reviews

This package comes in three forms: launch, power, and pro.

This is perfect for businesses that wish to make space for growth and expansion.

With launch, customers get to host two websites, support six domains and twenty five sub domains, use two mysql databases, and use $275 advertising credits for free. If you want this option, you will need to pay $5.99 a month.

For an additional $2, you can already avail of the power plan. Here, you get to host six websites, support 26 domains and 100 sub domains, use fifty msql databases, and use $300 free credits for advertising.

If you need to host twenty five website under one account, choose pro. For only $13.99 a month, not only will you be able to have all these websites, you also get unlimited support for as many domains and sub domains that you need. On top of that, you can also use 200 mysql databases and $300 worth of credit for advertising.

VPS Hosting


If you do not want to share a server but cannot afford to rent one for your sole use, you can get the vps hosting that InMotion has to offer.

Vps refers to virtual private servers. It is very similar to having your very own server but is more affordable. It comes with a dedicated server for your mail and a custom firewall.

This plan can set you back between $29.99 up to $74.99 every month.

It depends on how much ram, storage, bandwidth, and ip addresses your websites will require. It is perfect for growing businesses that expect heavy traffic.

Dedicated Server Hosting


For websites that require the fastest speed and highest level of security, getting dedicated hosting is a good option.

Of course, it comes with a steep price. For this type of managed service, you will need to pay at least $119.oo a month.

The more resources you will require, the higher the price will go. The rate can be as high as $569.99 per month.

Features & Ease Of Use

As mentioned, the features that you get with your InMotion plan will depend on what plan you actually get. Here are some of the general features that you can expect when you sign up:
Smtp, imap, pop3, and webmail services
Besides the email addresses, you also get to enjoy free email forwarding, spam protection, and auto-responders.


Automated back-ups
This free service is a life-saver should something terrible happen and you lose your website information and content. Many companies charge for this service so you really get a discount when you sign up with InMotion.


Maximum level of speed zones
You get to select a data center in order to make your website’s loading time shorter.


Free listing on yellow pages
Part of the job of maintaining a website is the task of attracting more visitors. With a listing on the yellow pages, you get to attract the kind of visitors that your business targets.

Inmotion also provides full support for popular cms and most applications. There is even a one-click installation option. Navigating the control panel is not difficult but could take some getting used to.



According to third party sources, the average uptime of InMotion since 2007 has never dipped below 99.98%.

Another source claims that it constantly hits an uptime percentage of 99.83% since 2005.

These numbers, although varying, is proof that InMotion is highly reliable when it comes to keeping your websites accessible.

Customer & Technical Support


Technical support and customer assistance is a priority at InMotion. First off, as soon as you sign up, you will receive an email address. If you need information on how to set this up and maximize its use, simply go to the InMotion website and look for the tutorials on their support center.

There are also tutorials on how to use other software with your account. If you wish to learn more, you can go to the education channels and select a topic that you wish to explore. For specific issues, you can always contact InMotion’s support crew anytime through chat, email, or phone call.

The Final Verdict

verI can recommend InMotion as a wise choice for personal or small business hosting.

They offer multiple plans so you can choose one that works best for your budget and your website requirements.

With their up-to-date technology, you can be ensures of speedy service at really affordable rates. Additionally, if you expect your business to grow in the future, signing up with InMotion is advisable because they provide services catering to the smallest to the biggest businesses there is.

Get InMotion Hosting Starting At $5.99/mo.

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