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On the surface, HostClear looks like just about every other website host out there. They offer many of the normal features, low prices, and around the clock support that most other hosts claim to have. There are, however, several things that separate HostClear from their competition and make them a premier choice and tremendous value as a website host.

The first question that needs to be asked and answered when considering a website host is, “Are they reliable?”

A host that isn’t reliable is one that simply cannot be trusted as an option, especially if you plan on running a small business from your site. Even minor errors and blips on the radar can cause would-be visitors and potential customers to leave your site and never come back. Loss of important data can also cause irreparable damage to your brand or company.

Fortunately, HostClear definitely passes this test. On top of the many testimonials they have received from customers that have been using their services for years, they also are able to make claim to the fact that they host their services from a top notch data center. The security and protection that they offer is up there with just about any hosting company in the industry.

Since they pass the reliability test, let’s take a look at their price and the many features that they offer:

Main Features

The features provided by HostClear are quite extensive and cover just about everything the beginner or average website user will need to start, build, and grow their website. Here’s a look at some of the highlights of what they offer:

Use of cPanel

One of the main perks of trusting HostClear as your website host is that the control panel that they use is very user-friendly. cPanel, the control panel they use, is one of the more popular options on the web. The reason for this is because it gives you the ability to easily navigate throughout different aspects of your website and even install new programs onto your site.

Whether you are looking to upload and download your files or administer your domains quickly and easily, cPanel has everything you need to be as efficient as possible when running your website.

Customer Support

The main reason that HostClear has been able to quickly develop one of the biggest and best reputations in the website hosting industry is due to their incredible customer support. If you’re a new website owner, trying to figure out the ins and outs on your own can be an absolute nightmare.

For this reason, HostClear offers 24/7 support. While many others may claim to offer around the clock customer support, it quickly became clear that HostClear was one of the few that could actually follow through on that promise. Their ticket support average response time is less than an hour, which is unheard of in this industry. They offer three different types of support, including email, live chat, and phone.

Another perk of their customer support is that their phone support team speaks native English. This can be an absolute god-send for website owners that are used to being put on hold by people that they can’t even understand. They even have walk-through videos and plenty of helpful articles for both advanced and beginner host users.

1-Click Installs

It can be incredibly frustrating to work with a host that makes it difficult to create new content or distribute that content efficiently on your website. The 1-click install options that HostClear offers allow you to easily add a blog, CMS, or even create a forum on your site. The fact that HostClear can also serve as a website builder means that they have a lot more user-friendly features for customers to utilize than most host sites.

Unlimited Email Addresses

While many of the hosts throughout the web offer unlimited email addresses, the control panel that HostClear uses makes it exceptionally easy for even inexperienced website owners to use. One of the difficulties that a lot of beginning website host users get into is that they become confused about where to go and exactly how different things are done. HostClear provides easy to follow guidelines and even provides training videos to walk you through the steps necessary to create and utilize your different email addresses.


Every host on the web has begun offering extras as somewhat of a marketing tool to add value to their services and increase conversions. HostClear, however, offers a lot of extras that other sites don’t. While it may change, the main extras that they’re offering include $100 towards Google Adwords, $100 of Yahoo Bing! Ad credits, 1 GB of cloud storage on Just Cloud, and tons of great WordPress blogging tools. They also advertise their use of cPanel as an ‘extra’.

Overall, the extras that they offer are actually a little bit more than what most other sites offer.

Site Builder

One of the coolest features that HostClear has in their arsenal is their site builder. Even if you’re entirely new to website building or working with a website host, utilizing their site building tools should be a breeze. On top of the making it easy to create your own website, the site builder also features extra marketing tools that can help you market your content to your target market.


If there is a negative to HostClear, it’s that, when using their website builder, their overall features and layout seem to be more catered to the beginner website host user than someone who is advanced in the process. The features are more than enough for the average or beginning user, but advanced users that are looking for something with tons of options and more intensive features may want to look elsewhere.

If you do end up looking elsewhere, however, it should be pointed out that you will more than likely be paying a much higher price. Expect to pay at least double or triple what HostClear offers for a more advanced, yet comparable service.

Another slight negative about HostClear is that they do not have different plans for users. Many sites have host plans dedicated to the different needs of users, while HostClear offers only one plan. The only real option in that plan is to choose between the cPanel and their website builder. It should also be noted that, once you choose either the cPanel or website builder, you cannot switch to the other.

Plans and Pricing

The price of HostClear is very similar to what you will find on most hosting sites. While the main price they advertise is right around the $6/month mark, they also offer regular discounts of as much as 50% off their regular price.

The value provided by HostClear is definitely higher than 80% of the hosts out there. The great and easy-to-use features that they provide and commitment to being there for you with 24/7 customer support makes the little money you pay for their service a steal.

The Final Word

Overall, the value provided by HostClear is simply second to none. There are very few negatives to speak of when it comes to their service and their list of features seems to be endless. At the end of the day, however, it is really their ability to cater to both the advanced and beginner web host user that separates them from their competitors.

If you’re looking for a web host at a great value, it’s hard to go against what HostClear has to offer. It would definitely be in your best interest to give them a shot whether you are looking to transfer from your current host or create a new site as they even offer a money back guarantee to customers.

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    AB September 14, 2016 at 9:00 pm


    I have been with for almost one year now. I am not satisfied with them and I want to cancel my account. First when I signed up with them they charged my credit card twice for the same 3-year hosting package. After, calling and asking them for my refund a million times, they always denied charging me twice and never refund me my money (almost one year now). Did you know that HOSTCLEAR AND IDEAHOST are one and the same Company? They just mix up and match your account with one and both companies to your detriment. Most of their operation and Sales Associates that take your calls are in the Philippines and not in the USA.


    I am trying to install a Wildcard SSL Certificate to secure my main domain and all subdomains. Their cPanel does not have the box with the SSL/TLS Manager to let you generate the files you need to purchase your Wildcard SSL Certificate from a third party. If you ask them them to generate these files or to install your SSL Certificate, they cannot do these things. They find all kinds of excuses to dismiss your request because they cannot do it. This hosting service is only for novices and beginners. If you’re a Website Pro, don’t us them.

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    David Criss March 6, 2016 at 3:01 pm

    I am having a problem with HostClear. After buying a domain name, website, and some of the extras they suggested as necessary, I cancelled it. My intention was to use it, but I had questions and could not get any support. I called numerous times and spent a long time on hold, then got frustrated and cancelled it all. The problem is they want to keep a lot of the money. They say they don’t refund money on the extras that they suggested I buy. Their website says 100% No Questions Asked Refunds. That’s what I want. How do I get them to follow-through?

    • Reply mm
      Johnny Lee March 9, 2016 at 11:16 am

      Hi David, great questions. In situations like this, it may be best to pursue this through your credit card company. However, before you do that, I suggest you notify HostClear support that if they don’t refund your money, you will be forced to charge back. I have had to do this sometimes in life when some companies charged me for random things I never bought.

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    A.B., USA November 1, 2015 at 9:52 am

    HOSTCLEAR AND IDEAHOST are one and the same Company. I think they setup the payment system to rob peoples’ money and domain names. Their staff all seem to know and are each working together to commit extreme fraud against the Internet public.

    First of all, I am a Website Design and Internet savvy person with over a decade of experience working with html and php programming. On 10-23-2015, I went on and payed for the 36 months Premium Service, Search Engine submission and Domain Privacy. My credit card was charged $107.64 twice for the same 36 months Premium Plan. The first $107.64 was payed to though I did not even know anything about Ideahost and never went on their website. The second $107.64 was payed to After the payments were taken from my credit card, I logged in the Control Panel and clicked on C-Panel to choose Control Panel option which is the only option I wanted and ever clicked on. Since then until today 11-01-2015,  I CANNOT get into the C-Panel and it just continue to process with a little circle rotating. When I click on the link to build my Site, it takes me to the page to register a new domain name all over again. My domain name shows nothing when I enter it in the web browser window.

    I called HOSTCLEAR Customer Support after 3 days on 10-27-2015 when my domain should have come up after 48 hours and the C-Panel and domain name were still malfunctioning. I explained my problems to a Customer Support Representative who called himself Benjamin R (Ben for short). After a long chat with Ben, he said he saw my order in the computer and he confirmed I payed for the 36 months Premium Plan, the Search Engine Submission and Domain Privacy but denied the he saw the second duplicate payment for 36 months Premium Plan. He said he was about to type a ticket for my problems which he would pass on to technical support. He said he would put me on mute but what he did was to hang up the phone on me. I called back more than 8 times after he hanged up and every time each 8 male representative who answered the phone said he was a different name not Ben. They all said that DID NOT know Ben. One representative told me that each representative was working from a Call Center in a different state and they didn’t know each other. All of them just hanged up on me after I explained my problems. It ended up the I don’t get any redress for my problems that day.

    I called later on 10-27-2015. I spoke to a Support Representative who claimed to name Bianca S. Only thing she did was to send me what she claimed to be a ticket, nothing further was done. I even sent proof of my Credit Card payment back to but nothing is done.

    Lastly, I called back Hostclear on 10-28-2015 and spoke to a Support Representative who claimed to name Ruben. Ruben claimed to see my payments in the computer but again denied to see the second duplicate payment for the 36 months Premium Plan. Ruben said he fixed the problem with my domain name name server and reset my registration. He said my domain and hosting plan would propagate in 48 hours and that the Payment Department would find my second duplicate payment and refund it to my Credit Card, which is not done. Today is 11-01-2015. I am scare that I am going to loose my precious domain name and over $275.18. One week has passed and no solution to my problems. Can some people out there help me to recover my extra payment and get the services I payed for.


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