Can I Transfer My Site Away from FatCow?

Although you may have recently subscribed on a webhosting plan from a certain webhosting company, you still have the freedom to transfer the care of your domains to another webhosting provider. So in the case of FatCow, yes, you can transfer your site away from it. The most basic consequence however, is that you will have to register to your chosen webhosting company and subscribe a plan for you to continue the process of domain transfer.

The easy steps of transferring your site away from FatCow are of the ff:

  1.  The files of your site managed by FatCow are secured and so the first step is unlocking the domain you’ll transfer. You need to log in to your FatCow account, proceed to Overview then select Security. Just click Unlock Domain Privacy. Then, also click Disable Domain Privacy.
  2.  Check the email information of your domain and make sure it’s updated for you to receive the confirmation link for your transfer. Just locate your contact information from the Contact tab of your account.
  3.  Go to the Domain Central of your FatCow webhosting account, click the specific domain then select Transfer. Afterwards, click Send Auto-Info Code. The authorization code will be sent to the email assigned to that domain.
  4.  The website that you would want to transfer should be active. In simple terms, the domain of that website should exist and can be accessed in the World Wide Web.
  5.  By this time, you should have chosen the new hosting company that you would want your site to transfer to. In respect with the business company itself, you should email the administration of that hosting company and ask for the approval of your domain transfer. In your email, state the basic information about your website, its domain, your previous webhosting provider, name servers and contact information. Wait for their response.
  6.  If your request had been approved, then register to that hosting company and subscribe for a webhosting plan.
  7.  Log in to your webhosting account from that new hosting provider. Navigate your way to the control panel of your account.
  8.  Go to Domain Central of that account and select Add Existing Domain. Fill up the domain name you’ll transfer from your FatCow account then click Add.
  9.  From the list of domains, click for the domain you have just been added. Wait for the dialog boxes to load.
  10.  From the box asking for authorization code, input the keys for domain transfer. Select Transfer.
  11.  Check your emails about confirmation of the domain transfer. Read and follow the further instructions. Click the confirmation link if given.
  12.  Wait at a maximum of one week for the success of the domain transfer.
  13.  Later on, you’ll be informed that you have successfully transferred your site away from FatCow to the care of your new webhosting provider.
  14.  In the webhosting account of your new hosting provider, do not forget to lock your domain to secure the files of your website.

For example, if you want to transfer your site to iPage, just follow the steps and refer to iPage as the new hosting provider. There are no hidden charges after finishing the domain transfer. Transferring your site to other hosts all boils down to subscribing to their plans. With iPage, the transfer of domain from FatCow or any other webhosting providers isn’t only the option. It is possible for you to skip steps of domain transfer by changing your website’s DNS settings to care of iPage servers but it will cause the almost the same workload for you’ll have to bother yourself with DNS settings. So better just follow the 14 steps on domain transfer.

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