Can I Build a Good Site With InMotion?

What do I need to know about InMotion?

InMotion hosting has been in the business for more than a decade and has already served thousands of clients from all over the world since the day they opened their door to their clients. Their services, which basically included hosting services, domain name registration and even site design process assistance, has received positive feedbacks since then.
InMotion’s hosting service covers a wide hosting field, from Business hosting, to VPS Hosting, to Dedicated Servers and even to Reseller Hosting, which means that InMotion can provide you with whatever hosting solution you look for. The company’s hosting service is well known for its reliability, its superb support services and for being priced fairly.
What’s more is that the company is so confident that their clients have always received the best possible hosting experience with them, reason why they boast of a 100% service satisfaction guarantee for each of the service plan they offer. The guarantee comes with a 90-day money back offer where you easily get your money back if any aspect of the service does not live up to their promise.
Aside from all this, InMotion Hosting is favourably recommended for business websites. This is because of its wide array of ecommerce tools and business hosting experience. This comes on top of their free bundle of an easy–to-use yet powerful web builder software which should help you create a professionally-designed look and efficient website in no time at all.

Why is InMotion’s hosting service so reliable?

Among the greatest reasons why people flock to InMotion is its reliability. Here are a few reasons why InMotion is so reliable:


  •  They use top of the line Dell servers that are extensible tested before they let a client use it. Old and slow servers which causes slow page loading and server downtime has no place in InMotion hosting.
  •  They use Linux-based operating systems, which means they are open source and can be modified to provide the best possible hosting experience.

 Support Service

  •  InMotion’s top notch support specialists helps you resolve whatever issues you may run into in the most minimal timeframe.

 Extra Software

  •  Clients can have immediate access to over 250 extra software that you may need and can have it setup in your server in no time.

What do I get when I host my site with InMotion?

When you host your website with InMotion Hosting, you will get the following as standard features of their hosting package.

  •  Unlimited Disk Space
  •  Unlimited Bandwidth
  •  Free Data Backups
  •  90-Money back guarantee, plus a pro-rated anytime money back guarantee
  •  A Premium Website Builder
  •  A 24x7x265 US based support
  •  User-friendly cPanel
  •  Ecommerce tools
  •  Shopping Carts like Zen Cart, Cube Cart and OScommerce
  •  Blogs like WordPress
  •  Content Management Systems like Joomla, Drupal and Moodle
  •  Mobile Device Compatibility

Can I build a good website with InMotion?

Any webmaster sure can build a good website with InMotion Hosting. In fact, choosing InMotion is a very good choice since it is well recognized for its reliable yet fairly priced services. The best thing about building your website with InMotion is its bundle of web builders in each of their hosting package which could come handy when you build your website. Aside from this, each hosting package is also bundled with a lot of other tools such as a wide array of ecommerce tools and a cPanel to help you manage your site efficiently. These are among the many reasons why you are assured of being able to build a good website with InMotion.

What are the advantages of having a web builder?

Having a web builder to help you in building your website brings a lot of benefits, both for you and for your site. Among these advantages are:

  •  You do not need to hire personnel with technical expertise to build and design your website for you.
  •  It allows you to create an attractive and professional-designed look site on a short span of time, enabling you to have your fully functional site up and running in no time at all.
  •  It saves you a lot of money as you don’t need to pay for professionals to do the job for you.
  •  You have at your disposal a huge gallery of templates and stock images that you can use anytime you want.
  •  It makes it easy for you to add content, edit and update your website regularly.

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