Looking for a right web hosting plan? Any site that would like to have web presence needs web hosting service to transfer their web page from their computer into the World Wide Web. Today, there are a lot of companies that offer wide range of plans. However, as a business owner there are things you should look out for in a hosting company.

What to consider when considering a hosting service?

Hosting companies usually offer cost-effective plans but the price isn’t the major consideration. On top of budget-friendly offer is the kind of service that comes with it. You should look for the following:

  • Domain name limits. If the hosting company does not offer unlimited domain names it means that you cannot put as many websites as possible.
  •  Disk space limit. You should look for company that offers unlimited disk space so that your account will manage file traffic in your site.
  •  Website Builder. Since not all clients have expertise in programming they might be having a hard time starting their own website. A good hosting company is client-oriented if it has free website builder that clients may use to construct their web page.
  •  Security. No one would want its data get hacked. This has been the top concern by online users. Data security must be guaranteed by the hosting company.
  •  Good-looking Control Panel. The control panel serves as the portal to website. A company that has beautiful control panel will help guide your potential clients to your website.
  •  Round-the-clock client support. In times of technical problems a good hosting service provider must be able to respond to its clients immediately. There is nothing worse than getting your account goes down and you have to wait for a long time for the technical support.

In terms of web hosting, Windows has been providing all the necessary services in creating web presence. It has been the leading server space provider for a long period of time. Windows is ranked as one of the best hosting company.

What are its hosting plans?

 Windows has these package options for you:

  •  Unlimited Pro – This package allows clients to have Unlimited disk space, bandwidth and hosted domains. It has 15 free dedicated IP’s. There’s more it offers registrations to various leading domains yet it gives you free 3 domains.
  •  Business Plus – it includes unlimited disk space, bandwidth and hosted domains. It has 3 free dedicated IP’s and it gives 2 free leading domains where you can register your webpage name.

Undoubtedly, Windows is widely used server platform. If you want great internet experience and at the same time hitting your target sales for your business Windows web hosting service can help you achieve it.

Windows has built up its credibility not just in web hosting but also in creating software and tools. As a big name in the industry it continues to satisfy customers. You don’t have to worry about reliability because it is equipped with state of the art data hub. The Windows server which will take care of your files can cater your data traffic very securely. If you plan on using web application to podcast, create e-commerce site and blog, Windows makes ideal hosting company. Given these features that Windows can offer no one would dare miss the opportunity to be hosted by best hosting company. Windows has it all so whether you arrived at a decision out of personal choice or necessity it will never fall short of what you deserve. More than the name, Windows is banking on the satisfaction of its clients and long time in the web hosting service industry.

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