Top 15 WordPress Themes 2013

There are hundreds, if not thousands, of WordPress themes available all over the web, but it is always a very difficult decision to choose only one. The choices are infinite, but depending on what type of blogger you are, only a few stands out. To make it easier for you, here are our suggestions for the Top 15 WordPress themes for 2013:


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Grid sports a design which is quite simple yet chic. The theme is highly suitable for photography blogs or portfolios. Otherwise, using this on a wordy blog tends to defeat the purpose of the layout of rectangles across the page. The colors are monochromatic, giving it a modern, somhewhat masculine, touch.


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Spun is a beautiful concoction that allows you to view a summary of your previous posts in the form of pictures within bubbles. Clicking on one bubble leads you to the post it represents. The theme also sports an amusing effect, where the photo, once hovered on, fades from grayscale to full-color.


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Playful and cute are what best describe the style of this theme. Balloons carries with it a unique typeface, and white balloons that move along as you scroll down the page. The theme is best used on personal blogs that are heavy on the text. Otherwise, the balloons and the typeface may seem too overpowering.


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Focused is a responsive theme that is well-suited for personal blogs. It is a two-column layout, with a neat header for the blog title and a circle beside it for a personal photo or what-not. There are tabs in the entry portion, so you can organize your posts according to topic. Clean and simple, the theme is a fool-proof choice for those who manage text-heavy blogs.


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Workality is the perfect combination of customization, simplicity, and function for business and/or portfolio sites. The home page neatly arranges links into photos and brief descriptions, allowing for ease in navigation. Owners can also choose thumbnail sizes suitable for the images that are used in the home page: small, medium, large, portrait.


 WP Coda

WP Coda solves all your navigation woes, as you can easily move from one section to another without having to load an entirely new page. The creation of tabs makes this possible. On the flipside, the theme is not responsive to all platforms and browsers, and the color scheme may not be as flexible as the navigation. However, the layout is still worth trying most especially for small businesses and personal blogs.



Mantra is a gem in disguise. It allows you to customize your WordPress site to your heart’s desire, with 200 customization options. This is best recommended for first-time custom theme users who want to take their layouts to a higher notch. It is a highly supported theme, so ease of usage is not a problem.



Although the developers may not have done it intentionally, the theme’s title speaks a lot about its functionality. Busby is quite fit for a busy bee blog, where dates are highlighted, as well as the recent posts and archives sections. This makes a great layout for blogs that update almost daily, giving ease to its readers in looking for the post they are interested in reading.



Chameleon is a subtle, clean theme that can be used for content-heavy sites. Despite the large number of content, the homepage remains elegant and neat instead of looking too busy. Chameleon also features a slider option, and as well as customizable color giving bloggers significant power to match the theme to the blog’s nature.



Although the theme is mainly for professional travel sites, Travel Fullscreen is noteworthy enough to be considered. The beautiful yet elegant design and unique layout are some things that viewers would take great notice of. The theme also allows for different post formats, and as well as an option for continuous scrolling.



Folder is a well-constructed theme perfect for portfolio blogs, since it sports provisions for websites that have a lot of photo posts. The theme also comes with neat features, including five cool widgets, e.g. video, showcase of latest works, contact forms, and a twitter feed). Functionality and form are best found in Folder.



With its dotted background and grayscale colors, Bello is a simple, yet clean theme with full functionality. An interesting touch to this theme is the portfolio section on the rightmost column, which shows small thumbnails of photos along with a provision for the titles underneath. Bello is a perfect combination of text- and photo-friendly blog posts.



uDesign is what tops most of the paid themes lists. Geared with highly customizable features, powerful widgets and add-ons, SEO and social network support, uDesign is without a doubt the number one choice among WordPress theme users who want to take a step up in the design and functionality aspect.


 New Horizon

Pinterest and WordPress put together is what characterize New Horizon the most. For owners of photo blogs, laying out a portfolio-style page is never as easy as dragging and dropping photos to where they are best suited, just as it is done with this layout. Shortcodes, widgets, etc. make it more appealing to use.



Seemingly simple and bland, Memo actually has powerful and useful features that make it worth its $40 price tag. It is highly customizable, and is SEO- and social network-supported, just as the two previous paid themes. Its selling point lies mainly in its similarity to Tumblr, where it adapts most of its salient features.

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