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Creating blogs is the basic tool with which to get a hold on the internet. You can use blogs for various purposes. Some use blogs like diaries, while others use them to earn some hard cash (sometimes people use blogs for both at once). The fact is that blogs are excellent tools to do marketing research online and to create a platform to build websites and online shops on.

There are plenty of software choices out there that CAN create blogs for you, but WordPress is one of the best, if not THE best in the field. When creating a blog with WordPress, you need to think about the:

So, to give your little blog a home you first need to find a:

Hosting Server

Hosting Server

There are numerous companies out there which will offer you space on their servers in exchange of a “renting fee”. These fees usually need to be paid yearly and you need a credit card to do so most of the times.

You can find hosting at various prices, which usually reflect the quality and quantity provided to you. Prices typically range from 0-200$ per year, but note that FREE hosting comes with many restrictions and little room for growth and profit.

If you are new to blogging, you can start with some cheap hosting and change to a more expensive server later on when you are sure that this is a hobby or job you like.

Some web hosting companies give you the bonus of an easy WordPress installation. If you don’t want to do the installation yourself, you might want to consider this fact.

Now that you have decided where your blog will be located, it is time to come up with a:

Blog Concept


Before you create your blog you should solidify your concept of it first. Simply put, you need to know exactly what you want to write about.

To make things easier for you here are some tips on how to choose a theme for your blog’s content:

  • Find a topic you LIKE to write about:You will spend a lot of time writing on this blog, so you better enjoy it.
  • Find a topic other people want to READ about:Not everything interests others. If you want a popular blog, choose a popular (or potentially popular) subject.
  • Write about something you know a lot about:If you’re about to start a blog it is best if you know what you are talking about in your posts. People appreciate true knowledge, experience and authority.Once you have your topic, just think of a relevant domain name for your blog and go register it at (or any other domain registrar). This will cost you anything between 4.95$ to 6.95$ per month.

So, you think you found the best blog topic and name ever? Great! Let’s get down to business and start the:

Blog Creation

Blog creation

This is the most technical demanding part of creating a blog, but thankfully WordPress makes it easy for you.

To start creating your blog you already need to have installed WordPress. You can find out how to do that by reading our article “Installing WordPress in Four Simple Steps”.


With WordPress correctly installed, making a blog is simple. Just:

  • Go to the WordPress login page
  • Enter the correct URL, which should go like this:
  • Enter the login Information you’ve designated when installing WordPress

By doing all this you will find yourself in the Administration area. Just click on “Posts” and “Add New” links from the dashboard on the left.You will now find yourself on a page with a large blank space where you can write your posts in.

Now it is all up to your creative side: Write your first blog and press the “Publish” button. Your post will appear on the front page of your brand new blog. Well Done!

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