How to make a Healthy Lifestyle Website

Most people are constantly concerned about living longer healthier lives. This makes it no surprise that healthy living websites are quite popular online and there is quite some room left for smaller niches about the subject. When creating such sites you should keep in mind that your readers want positive and strong messages. They don’t want gruesome medical facts or hopeless predictions. Healthy lifestyle website seeks to empower the viewer to make positive changes, no matter their situation and needs.

Here’s what you should focus on when creating your healthy lifestyle website:

  • Niche
  • Tone
  • Purpose

Let’s get down to business and dish out some tips now! First of all let’s tackle that fickle:


“Healthy Lifestyle” is just too generic a subject to start with. Your site would be immediately lost among thousands if you didn’t try to find a smaller niche to draw people’s interest. Choosing a smaller niche will actually offer you a better audience, because your viewers will have sought your specific brand of information and not just a generic subject.

Healthy lifestyle sites can most often be sorted into these groups:

  • FitnessFitness
  • DietDiet
  • Organic LivingNatural/Organic Living

Choose whether you want to write about sports, diets or various natural lifestyle choices. You might want to write only about a specific diet, sport or eco-friendly habit, or you might want to combine a couple of them.

For instance: “The Benefits of Lavender” would be a great niche for someone who wants to make a healthy lifestyle website with a natural living theme. “How to Nurse Sprains” would have a fitness theme. “The Lemon Diet” would be something about diets.

If your healthy lifestyle website is supposed to sell a particular product of yours then you already have your niche: your product.

Now that we’ve decided on your niche, we can safely move on to:



Not all healthy living websites have the same tone. You absolutely have to decide whether you want to inspire people with hopeful messages, hard work or easy solutions.

Some viewers want wonder treatments for their bad habits that don’t demand a lot of effort from their part. Other viewers want to see examples of people working hard to have good lifestyles and want to read tips on how to be like those people. Finally there is that in-between group that wants inspiration from hard-working, healthy people and search for easy solutions to become like them.

Depending on the audience you want to target, you have to choose the tone of your website. You can’t appeal to all audiences at once.

Now that you have chosen the tone of your website, we can safely move on to:



This is a very simple one! The purpose of your site is to:

  • Make money from ads:If you wish to make money from ads you need to have a site that is structured in a way that shows off the worth of the products and services advertised. Make sure your content matches the advertisements (or vice-versa!) and your target audience as well.
  • Sell your products and services:If your healthy lifestyle website is supposed to sell your products and services, then you need to make the content reflect your skills and the problems you can solve for others. Make sure that your products are depicted all over the site and that the content praises the merits of what you are selling. It is best to have some decent copy written for this type of site.
  • Just give out information you want to share:Finally, if you are making this site just to get a message out there, then you should best structure it like an informational blog. This gives it the professional “no-nonsense informational site look” and will help your content look great.

Depending on the purpose you need to build a different site.

With a niche, the correct tone and a solid purpose, your healthy living website has all it needs to become successful and widely viewed!

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